Introducing the GE Appliances Rooftop Air Conditioner

As many of our loyal customers and followers are already aware of, MWSS, Inc. is a proud partner of GE Appliances! We were honored to have been able to partner with this appliance mega giant within the industry this summer and are excited to continue the expansion of our products in collaboration with GE. One of the most esteemed products we are launching is the new Cool Series RVAC Rooftop unit. Keep reading to hear all about the special features of the new AC units and how you can purchase one.

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Special Features of The GE Rooftop Air Conditioner

The new Cool Series RVAC Rooftop unit is designed for long lasting performance and cooling power. It features a sealed fan motor to repel dirt and debris, corrosion resistant coatings, extensive vibration control, and a high-performance motor engineered for quiet opera on. The units are aerodynamically designed to reduce drag and complement the overall RV exterior. They are available in two colors, snow white and ice black- of durable, automotive-grade, UV-resistant polymer.

"We developed a product that addressed several pain points expressed by the industry and its customers," said Design Manager Dusty Henderson. "This is not simply a room air conditioner shoe-horned onto an RV. We were very purposeful in our design and engineering to create a superior product that stands out in the category." 

The Cool Series RVAC is available for ducted and non-ducted applications and feature a variety of ceiling assemblies and controls including standard louvered vents, direct-control, or remote, programmable thermostats. There are six models with 13,500 BTU and 15,000 BTU cooling op ons and two models that incorporate heat pumps.

GE Products Sold Exclusively Through MWSS  

In this recent blog, we discussed the ins and outs of our new partnership with GE Appliances. This RV rooftop AC unit will be sold exclusively through MWSS, along with other products such as the new 12-volt refrigerators which we will discuss in an upcoming blog. Through our partnership with GE Appliances, we are able to bring unique, top-of-the-line appliances to the RV industry. These products have the guaranteed GE quality you expect and the RV industry stamp of approval. You can purchase a unit for yourself through our RV Dealer Access Program, available now. Read more about the program in this blog.

These products have never been released or sold through any other RV distributor within the industry. We are honored to work with such a highly esteemed company like GE Appliances and look forward to releasing many new products to benefit all of our loyal customers, followers, and supporters. Stay tuned for more product releases in the future from our partnership with GE and all that we have to offer to the RV industry.

If you are in need of any appliance or electronic updates for your RV before your upcoming fall camping trip, shop our online store here. As always, contact us with any questions you have.

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